Darkness Falls by A.E. Faulkner [Book Spotlight – YA Dystopian]

As nature tires of human destruction, two sisters must face a changing environment that stands between them and survival.

The Soulstealers by Jacqueline Rohrbach [Book Spotlight – YA Lesfic Fantasy]

Arnaka Skytree grew up believing she was chosen to bring new magic to the world. As the heir to the cult of druids responsible for keeping their floating palace habitable for the wealthy aristocracy, she’s expected to wield her power as those before her did: by culling the souls of peasant women.

The Secrets Of Hawthorne House by Donald Firesmith [Book Spotlight – YA Paranormal Mystery]

Looking for a paranormal mystery novel for teens? Check out an excerpt from The Secrets of Hawthorne House by Donald Firesmith here.

The Sun And Moon Beneath The Stars by K. Parr [Book Spotlight – YA Lesfic Fantasy]

After being orphaned and forced to work as a palace slave, fifteen-year-old Rasha decides to end her life, but when she plunges a knife into her chest, she doesn’t die. Instead, a strange, icy power possesses her. The last time it took over, someone got hurt, and Rasha can’t let that happen again.

Foreign To You by Jeremy Martin [Book Spotlight – YA / MM Romance / Fantasy]

The harmony between humans and fianna, a species of shapeshifting deer, begins to wither as racial tensions and deeply rooted resentment turns violent.

Prelude to a Hero series by Jaime Buckley [Book Spotlight – YA Fantasy]

All Wendell hoped for was a decent job, a hot new car and a girlfriend to match. What he got was the mantle of a legendary hero, the heart of a girl who had no idea who he really was…and a diamond bigger than his fist. What could possibly go wrong?

In Case You Missed It by S.M. James [Cover Reveal – YA / LGBTQ Romance]

"Brooks measured his life in breaths, until Darien took his breath away." Check out the cover reveal for In Case You Missed It, the new YA LGBTQ novel from S.M. James here.

The Incarn Saga by Katharine E Wibell [Book Spotlight – YA / Fantasy]

According to legend, when the world was young, the goddess Issaura appeared among men. Those who treated her with kindness received the gift of the gods—the ability to transform into an animal form.

The Giver Of Life Trilogy by Kristy Centeno [Book Spotlight – YA / Paranormal]

Leah Parker’s fate had always been controlled by others—who she loved and who she lost. Five years after the tragic murder of her daughter’s father, she’s done everything in her power to protect her little girl from the outside world.