A Broken Winter by Kale Night – Guest Post

Want some more A Broken Winter? Check out this guest psot from author Kale Night.

A Broken Winter by Kale night/Archie the RedCat [Webcomic Spotlight – LGBTQ/Sci-Fi/Fantasy]

General Auryn Tyrus runs a government slaughterhouse, overseeing the covert execution of political dissidents – victims of an Emperor who claims to have swallowed the sun. When the son of a former lover is sentenced to death, Auryn intervenes, turning his life upside down.

Comic Review: Dragon Masquerade

Today, I shall be reviewing ‘The Dragon Masquerade’, a prequel story to the ‘Twokinds’ webcomic by Tom Fischbach. The webcomic itself runs weekly at http://twokinds.keenspot.com/ and, depending on who you speak to, is either a fun little excursion into the world of furry webcomics, or is a stain on the web. You see, it is … Continue reading Comic Review: Dragon Masquerade