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Recommend Me Some LGBTQ Manga!

"Over the years, I've seen plenty of awesome yuri manga. I struggle to find yaoi and trans or non binary manga that has the same feel though."

Manga UK’s Dragonball raffle to raise money for transgender/gender diverse young people

Over on Manga UK's site, they're running a Dragonball related raffle to raise money for Mermaids, a charity that focuses on gender diverse and transgender young people in the UK. It's an excellent cause, and seriously, the prize list is immense! So, if you love Dragonball and care about trans/gender diverse folk, click the link … Continue reading Manga UK’s Dragonball raffle to raise money for transgender/gender diverse young people

I am the Storm Tash McAdam Lesfic Pansexual Trans Military Sci-Fi

I Am The Storm by Tash McAdam [Book Spotlight – Miltiary Sci-Fi / Trans / Pansexual]

Like military sci-fi? Want to see some pan and trans rep in the genre? I Am The Storm by @tashmcadam may be for you! Check out an excerpt here.

Slow Thaw J Scott Coatsworth MM Holiday Romance Cis Trans

Slow Thaw by J. Scott Cotsworth [Book Spotlight – MM Romance / Cis/Trans Romance / Holiday Romance]

Slow Thaw is the new Holiday Romance title from the awesome J. Scott Caotsworth. Looking for a Cis/Trans MM tale? This may be for you!

Bump by Matthew J Metzger IndiGo Marketing Own Voices Teans Bi MM Romance Contemporary

Bump by Matthew J. Metzger [Book Spotlight – Contemporary / MM Romance / Trans]

But now there’s a bump, and David doesn’t know what to do. He’s spent years escaping the grip of his own body and burying the past—but there’s no way he can hide from his history if he lets the bump get any bigger. It’s not just his baby; it’s also his breakdown.

Panther Queen Morrighan House Witches Amir Lane Shifter Paranormal Queer Transgender FF Romance

Panther Queen by Amir Lane [Book Spotlight – Paranormal / Trans]

"Lenna is in over her head, and not even the jaguar can save her. Ansen Peters doesn’t want the ranch. He wants the jaguar. And he’s willing to kill her for it."

A Dance of Water and Air Antonia Aquilante NineStar Press Fantasy MM Romance Trans

A Dance Of Water And Air by Antonia Aquilante [Book Spotlight – Fantasy / Trans / MM Romance]

To prevent a war between their kingdoms and protect them from a dangerous enemy, Edmund and Arden will have to discover who wants to pit Aither and Thalassa against each other.