Fruits Basket Season One Part Two

Fruits Basket Season One Part Two [Anime Review]

...Combines great characters, high-quality storytelling, and strong aesthetics to create a must-own series.

The Awakening A Drew Horror LGBT Paranormal Supernatural

The Awakening by A Drew [Book Spotlight – Horror / LGBT]

A near-fatal incident stirs an awakening of an adolescent's ability to connect with entities from the deep and dark hidden world, that which is beyond our natural awareness. A world of lost souls, both good and bad, all trying to reach out to the boy now that they are aware of his surreal capability.

higurashi when they cry MVM Cover

Higurashi: When They Cry – Season One [Anime Review – Horror / Mystery / Supernatural]

With enough brutality to rival Elfen Lied, and a twisty plot that should keep both mystery and paranormal fans entertained, When They Cry is a truly harrowing wild blend of styles. But is it any good?

Crunchyroll Of The Dice 2018 R1: The Ancient Magus’ Bride Vs. Flowers Of Evil

The Ancient Magus Bride and Flowers of Evil are very different series ... but which has the best opening episode?