Questionable Minds By Fraser Sherman [Book Spotlight]

Fraser Sherman has a new steampunk mystery book out: Questionable Minds.In Victorian England, 1888, there are those who say Sir Simon Taggart is under the punishment of God.In an England swirling with mentalist powers — levitation, mesmerism, mind-to-mind telegraphy — the baronet is unique, possessed of mental shields that render him immune to any mental … Continue reading Questionable Minds By Fraser Sherman [Book Spotlight]

Hope, Tears, Steam, Gears by Gregory L. Norris [Book Spotlight – MM Steampunk]

At the request of the Earl of Kensington, Donovan Tisdale attends a mind-expanding presentation by Richard Sandominus Flynn, the Minster of Steam-based Sciences. Flynn reveals the next step in steam-based power—flights to the moon and far beyond conducted by mechanical men.

The Heart Collector by Barbara Russell [Book Spotlight – Steampunk Romantic Suspense]

Looking for some romantic suspense with your steampunk? Check out an excerpt from Barabra Russell's The Heart Collector here!

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress [Anime Review – Adventure / Post-Apocalyptic / Steampunk]

#Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is the latest release from @MangaUK. Is it just an Attack on Titan clone, or does it do enough to differentiate itself? Find out in my latest #anime review.