Between The Sacred Stars By Chad Grayson [Book Spotlight]

"When the worst happens, who will be left standing?"

Third Front By E.M. Hamill [Book Spotlight]

"If there is any chance for a future with Sumner and their chosen family, Dalí must exorcise the demons haunting them, or they will burn in the heart of a star."

Dropnauts By J. Scott Coatsworth [Audiobook Spotlight]

"...what awaits them there will turn their assumptions upside down—and in the process, either save or destroy what's left of humanity..."

Tales From Ardulum by J.S. Fields [Book Spotlight – Lesfic/Sci-Fi]

The ARDULUM series blends space opera and hard science into a story about two women persistently bound to their past, and a sentient planet determined to shape their future.

Through The Whole Of Space-Time: Mysteries, Secrets, And Lies by Dean Rosenthal [Book Spotlight – Space Opera / Satire / Mystery]

Looking for something a little different? Check out this genre-bending tale from Dean Rosenthal!