Top Ten Anime OP Videos (Season 1 Edition)

What are my top ten season one anime opening videos? Let's have a look!

£20 Challenge – June 2018

Welcome, one and all, to today's random post. This month, I gave myself a bit of a shopping challenge. The idea was to give myself a budget of £20, and try to get as much as I could for my money. Items can be new or second-hand, but the price has to include the postage. … Continue reading £20 Challenge – June 2018

Cosplay: The Early Works – 2011 to 2013

Having found some older shots lurking around on my laptop, I thought that now would be a good time to show some shots of my earlier cosplay attempts. They are ... a mixed bag. So, let's begin. 2011: Medusa (Soul Eater) - London MCM Expo No 'making of' photos, and I think these are the … Continue reading Cosplay: The Early Works – 2011 to 2013

Way Cool Halloween 2016

Hello one and all and welcome to another Way Cool Wednesday … only on a Monday. Why on a Monday this time? Is it some creepy twilight zone time displacement? Have the days of the week been altered by a single text from Okabe? Perhaps Metal Sonic has been dashing through the Time Posts and … Continue reading Way Cool Halloween 2016