starburst Kae Galla paranormal romance

Starburst by Kae Galla [Book Spotlight – Paranormal Romance]

Nova spent years in a world she didn’t belong, never knowing who or what she is. Years of questions and confusion, but the time has come for her to find out who she really is and where she belongs.

game changers of the apocalypse horror mark kirkbride

Game Changers Of The Apocalypse by Mark Kirkbride [Book Spotlight – Post Apocalyptic Horror]

It’s always the end of the world when you break up with someone. This time it really is... Check out an excerpt from Mark Kirkbride's horror novel Game Changers of The Apocalypse here.

the first glen kenner action thriller

The First by Glen Kenner [Book Spotlight – Action Thriller]

John finds himself in the fight of his life against elite hit squads, ruthless psychopathic murders, and a black-ops cutting-edge technology that was specifically designed to track people like him

prodigy cover reveal banner YA paranormal

Prodigy by Krisy Centeno [Cover Reveal – YA / Paranormal]

Leah Parker’s fate had always been controlled by others—who she loved and who she lost. Five years after the tragic murder of her daughter’s father, she’s done everything in her power to protect her little girl from the outside world. But she’s rebelled against fate in the past and no act of defiance goes unpunished in the Enchanter community.

princess malina of gieria ya fantasy romance mindy m mather

Princess Malina of Gieria by Mindy M Mather [Book Spotlight – YA / Fantasy / Romance]

Malina is the princess of her great island home known as Gieria. As such she knows she must fulfill certain duties, but she happens to be in love with the one guy that her mother, the queen, hates. Together they must overcome that obstacle and stop the threat of Malina's would be suitor who only wishes to become king and to do away with her.