Power Metal; Oh, How I Love Thee

Welcome, one and all, to a rare musical post on my part. I actually have a rather extensive CD collection, mostly comprising of bands that very few people I meet have ever heard of. The reason I rarely post about music is that … well … it just hasn’t occurred to me. To a degree, … Continue reading Power Metal; Oh, How I Love Thee

RIP Paul O’Neill (February 23, 1956 – April 5, 2017)

I'm a little sad right now. You see, I found out today that Paul O’Neill has died. For those that don’t know him, he was a producer and songwriter most famous for founding the successful theatrical metal act, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I really enjoy TSO, but it was Paul’s work before them that caught my attention. … Continue reading RIP Paul O’Neill (February 23, 1956 – April 5, 2017)

Valentine’s Day Music

So, since it's Valentine's Day, I figured that I'd post something vaguely related to the day. In this case, it's simply a selection of songs with a romantic feel, whether that be touching or tragic. It's my hope that you may not know some of the tracks. After all, it's fun to give someone the gift … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Music

Way Cool Wednesday – 1 June 2016

  OK, so I wanted to do another of these posts last week, but I was in somewhat of a poor state. Illness, pain, the whole shebang. As a result, we have had to wait until now. So … what have I stumbled upon this time around? WAY COOL BLOG POST: HOW THEY DID THE … Continue reading Way Cool Wednesday – 1 June 2016