Top 5 Most Viewed Posts About My Projects In 2018

2018 was a busy year for me creatively. But what were my most viewed project posts?

Sonic the hedgehog IDW publishing issue 6 ian flynn eggman espio the chameleon page vector crocodile charmy bee mr tinker shadow rouge the bat cover

Sonic The Hedgehog #6 [IDW Publishing] – Comic Review

More fan favourites return for issue 6 of IDW's Sonic Comic, as Team Dark put in an appearance

Blog Post: Hyper Japan 2016

Hello again, or indeed hello for the first time if this is the first time you’ve dropped by, and welcome to something a little different for me. This week, I want to talk a little bit about my experiences of trying out a new convention: Hyper Japan in the London Olympia. Now, I am aware … Continue reading Blog Post: Hyper Japan 2016

Cosplay: Rouge the Bat [Sonic Heroes] – Hyper Japan July ’16

Here be a brief set of making-of photos from my upcoming 'Rouge the Bat' crossplay. Then I broke some of the costume and had to rethink. The result is below. The pic on the far right is by Donald Manning.