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Sasuke 38 Predictions

It's almost time for Sasuke 38! But will any of these ninja warriors clear the final stage?

Dragon Gate: Gate of Destiny 2017 Predictions

It’s prediction time again! November 3rd sees Dragon Gate, the number two wrestling promotion in Japan (just behind New Japan Pro Wrestling) putting on their Gate of Destiny 2017 event. It’s a strong looking card once you hit the first title match, and I expect a lot of good things! The question is, can I … Continue reading Dragon Gate: Gate of Destiny 2017 Predictions

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor

Tonight, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor clash in what will likely be one of the highest earning boxing matches in history. To put that in perspective, the estimated purses are around $100 million for Mayweather and $75 million for McGregor. That’s more than most households will earn jointly in their lives, multiple times over. Heckuva … Continue reading Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor

WWE Great Balls of Fire Predictions

OK, so this isn’t anime, but what they hey … this is just one of those timing issue things more than anything. Anyway … it’s WWE PPV time! Great Balls of Fire 2017 runs tonight for the WWE RAW Brand, and it’s got a pretty stacked line-up. Let’s have a look at what’s going on … Continue reading WWE Great Balls of Fire Predictions

NXT & WWE Prediction Post

So, it's time for another run of WWE pay-per-views! Let's see if I can do any better with my predictions this time. NXT TAKEOVER: CHICAGO WWE UK Championship: Tyler Bate (champ) vs. Pete Dunne This should be a cracker of a match. Interesting fact, Pete Dunne started out under a mask as The Tiger Kid, … Continue reading NXT & WWE Prediction Post

WrestleMania 33 Predictions

Welcome, one and all, to the WrestleMania 33 prediction post! I’ve been a big fan of pro wrestling since I was a kid, and even if it’s not always the best show of the year from an in-ring standpoint, there’s no denying that WrestleMania is the biggest spectacle. Now, WWE doesn’t always book shows with … Continue reading WrestleMania 33 Predictions