THeir Special Agent Mel Gough MMFM Reverse harem

Their Special Agent by Mel Gough [Cover Reveal – MMFM Reverse Harem]

A murder. Three gorgeous men. One choice – Do your job, or follow your heart?

Escaping Mortality The Escape Trilogy Sara Dobie Bauer Paranormal Vampires LGBT MM Romance Bisexual Polyamorous

Escaping Mortality by Sara Dobie Bauer [Book Spotlight – Paranormal / MM Romance]

"A battle is coming, for Edmund’s heart and his soul, and Andrew will lose neither. "

Escaping Solitude Sara Dobie Bauer Paranormal Vampires MM Romance Polyamory

Escaping Solitude by Sara Dobie Bauer [Book Spotlight – Paranormal / MM Romance]

Desperate to stay by Andrew’s side forever, Edmund examines the impressive coven library in search of an Elder, the only creature capable of turning Edmund. Although missing for centuries, Andrew believes an Elder must still survive somewhere; they just have to find him...

Legacy Strain taylor brooke the isolation series YA NA dystopia sci-fi indigo marketing LGBT

Legacy Strain by Taylor Brooke [Book Spotlight – Sci-Fi / NA / Dystopia]

This is their only chance to escape Juneau Malloy for good, and Brooklyn Harper has been fighting for too long to back down now. Armed with deadly skills and a hunger for vengeance, the Omen Operatives set out on a risky mission to eradicate Isolation, contain the volatile Legacy Strain, and earn the freedom they’ve been chasing since Camp Eleven.