Sasuke 39 predictions

Sasuke, aka Ninja Warrior, is back for another tournament. This is the first tournament since Morimoto Yusuke’s second kansenseiha. Check out my predictions for Sasuke 39 here!

Sasuke 35: Predictions

Welcome, one and all, to my latest attempt at predicting the results of the Japanese show, Sasuke. Last year, I had a crack at predicting the stage and final obstacle for fourteen competitors … and I didn’t do too well. I got six correct stages and one correct obstacle. Oops! So, this time around, I’m … Continue reading Sasuke 35: Predictions

Sasuke 34: Prediction Results

Well, Sasuke 34 came and went, and boy was that an entertaining competition! I had a very mixed run of it on my predictions, and there were some real surprises throughout. So, let’s have a look at each of my predictions in turn and see where I slipped up. I’ll be running these in order … Continue reading Sasuke 34: Prediction Results