higurashi when they cry MVM Cover

Higurashi: When They Cry – Season One [Anime Review – Horror / Mystery / Supernatural]

With enough brutality to rival Elfen Lied, and a twisty plot that should keep both mystery and paranormal fans entertained, When They Cry is a truly harrowing wild blend of styles. But is it any good?

Ash And Cinders by Rodd Clark [Book Spotlight – Crime / Murder / MM]

"Road blind and far too weary to continue driving, he has no way of knowing he is about to run out of luck."

Dark City by Sarah Kay Moll [Book Spotlight – Contemporary / MM + MF / Dissociative Identity Disorder]

Sarah Kay Moll's Dark City is a contemporary tale of Dissociative Identity Disorder and murder. Check out an excerpt and giveaway here!