higurashi when they cry MVM Cover

Higurashi: When They Cry – Season One [Anime Review – Horror / Mystery / Supernatural]

With enough brutality to rival Elfen Lied, and a twisty plot that should keep both mystery and paranormal fans entertained, When They Cry is a truly harrowing wild blend of styles. But is it any good?

Ash and Cinders IndiGo Marketing NineStar Press Rodd Clark Crime Murder Mystery MM Romance

Ash And Cinders by Rodd Clark [Book Spotlight – Crime / Murder / MM]

"Road blind and far too weary to continue driving, he has no way of knowing he is about to run out of luck."

Dark City by Sarah Kay Moll [Book Spotlight – Contemporary / MM + MF / Dissociative Identity Disorder]

Sarah Kay Moll's Dark City is a contemporary tale of Dissociative Identity Disorder and murder. Check out an excerpt and giveaway here!