A Game Of Souls London Taxi Can Dragon Dragons Horror Dark Fantasy

A Game Of Souls [Short Story – Dark Fantasy / Horror]

Cab driver Terry takes on a strange customer in an equally strange alternate London.

Hyper Japan: July 2017

Welcome, one and all, to the first MDM Projects convention report of the year! After how much fun I had at Hyper Japan 2016, it was pretty much a given that I’d be sticking with that particular con this year rather than reverting back to London MCM Expo. But … there were some changes afoot! … Continue reading Hyper Japan: July 2017

Blog Post: Hyper Japan 2016

Hello again, or indeed hello for the first time if this is the first time you’ve dropped by, and welcome to something a little different for me. This week, I want to talk a little bit about my experiences of trying out a new convention: Hyper Japan in the London Olympia. Now, I am aware … Continue reading Blog Post: Hyper Japan 2016