Listen: The Sound Of Fear [Anthology Spotlight]

"A knocking. A ringing. A steady drip-drip-drip. These are the sounds that haunt us...ten stories written exclusively by trans and nonbinary authors that explore the chilling, perplexing, terrifying nature of sound."

Matt Doyle Media Monthly: Issue 1

Welcome to issue one of Matt Doyle Media Monthly! This month, we're looking at Prey, The Sandman, Baccano!, and more!

Pit Fighters 4. Family Ties By Rick Griffin [Book Review]

"The sentimentality of the story was a good fit for these characters, and when combined with some excellent art, it all helps make this a worthy addition to your furry collection..."

What Do I Write?

"What Do You Write?" It's a simple question, and one I've been asked several times. So, let's talk about what you can expect from my books and stories: