Justified By Mell Eight [Book Spotlight]

"As the battle heats up and lines are drawn, the rest of his friends must fight for their own survival in a world with no answers to the terrible magic attacking them."

We Cry the Sea Banner

We Cry The Sea by Glenn Quigley [Book Spotlight – LGBTQ Historical Fantasy]

"Pushed to his limits, Robin’s one last chance at finding the truth will cost him more than he ever imagined."

Pyotra and the Wolf Banner

Pyotra And The Wolf By Elna Holst [Book Spotlight – Lesfic Paranormal Romance]

"For the space of a breath or two, that wolf had entranced her, mesmerised her, made her believe—the impossible. And that was all it took."

BANNER 2 - The Boy Who Chased After His Shadow

The Boy Who Chased After His Shadow by Jeff Jacobson [Book Spotlight – LGBTQ YA Urban Fantasy]

"What If an Evil Witch Was Controlling Your Thoughts Without You Knowing?"

love me for who I am katakonayama non binary trans lgbtq seven seas entertainment manga volume 1 review header

Love Me For Who I Am Volume 1 [Manga Review]

"Love Me For Who I Am Volume 1 has plenty of potential to be a sweet look at gender identity, but it needs time to grow into itself."