Windfall by Shawna Barnett [Book Spotlight]

"In order to protect her crew, her family, and naïve Rhian, Liana must demand sacrifices from herself and the people she loves..."

A Scheme of Sorcery By Ennis Rook Bashe [Book Spotlight]

"To save their country, they’ll have to survive a ruined underground castle infested with ghosts, a fascist uprising prepared to sway public opinion with mind-control magic… and each other..."

Love, Blood, and Sanctuary By Brenda Murphy, Megan Hart, Fiona Zedde [Book Spotlight]

"Haunted? Hunted? When you need a safe place from disaster, heartbreak, or gods trying to break you and drain your blood… come to Sanctuary. It’s New York’s most exclusive club for magical beings..."

Gretel On Her Own [Book Spotlight]

"...a contemporary sapphic twist to your favourite Germanic fairy tale of homicidal arsonists and houses built out of baked goods, trickster witches, and parenting skills that leave a lot to be desired."

Confined Desires By Katherine McIntyre [Book Spotlight – FF Contemporary Romance]

"...if she doesn’t manage to push past her own fears, she might lose her one shot at happiness with the woman she’s waited a lifetime for."

Blood Moon by Catherine Lundoff [Book Spotlight – Lesfic Paranormal Fantasy]

"Can the Pack solve the mystery and clear Erin’s name before the next full moon? Or do the town’s new residents have other plans?"

Pyotra And The Wolf By Elna Holst [Book Spotlight – Lesfic Paranormal Romance]

"For the space of a breath or two, that wolf had entranced her, mesmerised her, made her believe—the impossible. And that was all it took."