Top 5 Cartridges I’d Love To See On The Evercade

The Evercade is an awesome retro system, but what else would I like to see released on it?

Batman Day: Batman Returns on the SNES

Happy Batman Day everyone! In honor of the Dark Knight, here's my Retro First Impressions post about the SNES game of the excellent Batman Returns. What did this SEGA kid think of Nintendo and Konami's scrolling beat 'em up? I loved it! Find why out here:

Retro First Impressions: Zombies Ate My Neighbors [SNES]

Welcome, one and all, to another exciting edition of Retro First Impressions. This time around, Konami are taking me on a trip to the 90’s, as I give the run and gun classic Zombies Ate My Neighbours a try. The game was released on both the SNES and the Mega Drive/Genesis, with the US version … Continue reading Retro First Impressions: Zombies Ate My Neighbors [SNES]

Retro First Impressions: Batman Returns [SNES / Scrolling Beat ‘ Em Up]

Batman Returns was a favourite film of mine growing up, but how was the SNES game adaption?