Ash Coyote Trans Intersex Furry Fursuit

Ash Coyote [Fursday Spotlight]

Ash Coyote is a YouTuber and Cinematographer. She releases content covering a ton of different things, including some excellent pieces on the Trans community.

Author Interview: Teri Polen

Welcome, one and all, to another author interview! Today, I'm talking to Teri Polen. Hi Teri! For those not familiar with your or your work, can you give us a quick intro? Thanks so much for having me over today, Matt!  I’m a young adult author of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.  My first novel, Sarah, … Continue reading Author Interview: Teri Polen

Interview with Matt Doyle — LFBooks

Laura Freestone over on LFBooks was kind enough to interview me. You can check it out at the link below. Thank you Matt for this very interesting story. His book has really stuck with me, I keep thinking of whacky crazy ideas in that world. Be interesting to see where it all plans out. So … Continue reading Interview with Matt Doyle — LFBooks

2018: Books, books, and more books

It’s time for … the first bookish post of the year! Last year saw a big increase in the number of book-related post that I was putting out, with plenty of interviews and guest posts joining the reviews. This year, expect much more of the same! As far as ‘m concerned, working with other authors … Continue reading 2018: Books, books, and more books

Interviews – AKA I’ve Been Rambling On On Other People’s Sites. Again

The promotional trail goes on and on, and I’ve been running down it at full speed, trying to get as much advertising in for my books as possible! What that means is that … I’ve been taking up page space on other people’s sites again! Here’s the summary of my latest interviews: The Geekiary let … Continue reading Interviews – AKA I’ve Been Rambling On On Other People’s Sites. Again

Author Interview: Geoffrey Thomas

Welcome, one and all, to the second author interview of the week. Today, I'm excited to be welcoming Geaffrey Thomas, author of the Dreamkeepers spin-off novel, The Wayward Astronomer. Geoffrey, welcome to the site! For those unfamiliar with you and your work, can you please give us a quick introduction to yourself? Sure! Thanks for … Continue reading Author Interview: Geoffrey Thomas

Well-Red Mage interviews Matt Doyle

I recently sat down for an interview with the awesome the Well-Red Mage, the result of which was around 12,000 words of me talking about everything from gaming to life in general. Please do check it out! Source: Well-Red Mage interviews Matt Doyle

Interview: Belart Wright

Welcome, one and all, to the first MDM Projects author Interview of 2017. Over my time writing fiction, I've been fortuante enough to meet some awesome people out there in the publishing world. Among them is Belart Wright, a multi-time published fella whose work I first became aware of when I reviewed Average Joe and … Continue reading Interview: Belart Wright