Halloween Flashback 2018 II: Scary Stuff

What other horror things have I looked at on the site?

Top 3 Scary Things To Come Out Of The Sonic Franchise

Sonic isn't just about saving cute animals. The extended universe can get a bit dark. Welcome to a world of murder, possession and psychos!

Book Review: North Sea Hunters by Brad Harmer-Barnes

Welcome, one and all, to another MDM Projects book review. Today's post is a Halloween themed book review! Today, we’re looking at a monster grounded in reality: a giant shark. This of course means that we’re diving into the recent horror release, North Sea Hunters by Brad Harmer-Barnes. By way of disclosure, this was a … Continue reading Book Review: North Sea Hunters by Brad Harmer-Barnes

Short Story: Skrip

“Seriously dude,” Jacob slurred. “I was up there, up on the stage and … and … there was this one chick that was totally into me. She was like, so into me that she was damn near having an apoplectic attack.” “Of course she was,” Saul sighed and lightly pushed Jacob’s face away. The last … Continue reading Short Story: Skrip

Way Cool Wednesday: 4th October 2017

Welcome, one and all, to another awesome edition of Way Cool Wednesday! And you know what happens this month, right? It’s Halloween! So, we’re gonna have ourselves a video heavy but spooky little gathering of cool stuff. Let’s get to it!   Way Cool Music 1: Greatest Show Unearthed by Creature Feature https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTU96mlaPq4 Creature Feature … Continue reading Way Cool Wednesday: 4th October 2017

Way Cool Halloween 2016

Hello one and all and welcome to another Way Cool Wednesday … only on a Monday. Why on a Monday this time? Is it some creepy twilight zone time displacement? Have the days of the week been altered by a single text from Okabe? Perhaps Metal Sonic has been dashing through the Time Posts and … Continue reading Way Cool Halloween 2016