Hope, Tears, Steam, Gears by Gregory L. Norris [Book Spotlight – MM Steampunk]

At the request of the Earl of Kensington, Donovan Tisdale attends a mind-expanding presentation by Richard Sandominus Flynn, the Minster of Steam-based Sciences. Flynn reveals the next step in steam-based power—flights to the moon and far beyond conducted by mechanical men.

Half-Life by Gregory L Norris [Book Spotlight – Paranormal / MM Romance]

With nowhere to go—and certain that his attraction to Griffin goes both ways—Whitney is drawn into November’s malevolent plans. Plans that will pit Whitney against dark supernatural forces in order to save both his and Griffin’s lives.

The Duke and The Deadbeat by Gregory L Norris [Book Spotlight – Contemporary / MM Romance]

Duke and Seamus soon discover that leaving their real identities behind isn’t so easy a thing to accomplish while being dogged by their pasts and a ruthless celebrity music blogger who smells a ringer, and when the opportunity for true love forces them both to face the music.