Pride Month: Genderfluid

I'm genderfluid. This is what that means.

The Purist by M. Crane Hana [Book Spotlight – Sci-Fi / Adventure / M/F / M/M]

Vicious assassins, meddling voclano godesses and pride ... all present in this sci-fi adventure from @MCHana2

Pride Month 2018: The Fluidity Of Gender

Welcome, one and all, to another Pride Month posting. Whether to write this or not is a topic that I’ve been debating heavily with myself. The reason is that, while it covers something that I have mentioned in passing in a number of public forums (usually in interviews about my books), I’ve not really gone … Continue reading Pride Month 2018: The Fluidity Of Gender

Pride Month And Me

Welcome, one and all, to today’s random posting. Now, given the stuff in my Projects Update, you would be forgiven for expecting this to encompass a cosplay posting. After all, if I’m gonna be heading into last-minute alternative territory for Hyper Japan, it would make sense to think that I may have started work on … Continue reading Pride Month And Me