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Way Cool Wednesday – 6th June 2018

Welcome, one and all, to May’s Way Cool Wednesday! Herein I shall be linking to some awesome little items that I’ve stumbled upon in my net trawls. Hopefully, there’ll be some interesting bits here for you.   Way Cool Blog Post: A Welcome Change by Donte M McNeal Donte, who you may remember from … Continue reading Way Cool Wednesday – 6th June 2018

E-Mail Scams – Talking To Ibrahim

Welcome, one and all, to another of my more random postings. Now, some of you remember my 2016 posting My Mate Paul: Microsoft Scam Calls. Therein, I explained that I liked having some fun with the scam phone callers that I sometimes get. My reason was, and remains, that all the time they spend tied … Continue reading E-Mail Scams – Talking To Ibrahim