Streets of Rage 4 announcement!

SEGA's classic scrolling beat 'em up series is getting a new lease of life! Check out what we know about Streets of Rage 4 here:

BlazBlue Centralfiction [Game Review – PS3 / Beat ‘Em Up]

The BlazBlue sries comes to an end with Central Fiction. Is it the best entry yet, or is a weak finish? Find out here.

In Desperate Need of Love: Two Crude Dudes

Hello, one and all, and welcome to another In Desperate Need of Love, the posting that showers praise on the overlooked gems of the video game world. This time around, I’m covering Two Crude Dudes, the Megadrive/Genesis port of the arcade game, Crude Buster. My reason for this is pretty simple. Sometimes, games come along … Continue reading In Desperate Need of Love: Two Crude Dudes