Pride Month: Genderfluid

I'm genderfluid. This is what that means.

Ostakis angela primm human planets collective sci-fi enby intersex lgbtq IndiGo Marketing

Ostakis by Angelica Primm [Book Spotlight – Sci-Fi / M/NB Romance]

The Human Planets Collective sent young Ambassador Kaj Deder to the former colony planet Ostakis to establish relations. But in the twenty-five hundred years since Earth lost contact with Ostakis, the people of that colony have dramatically changed.

Power Surge by Sara Codair Urabn Fantasy YA Non-Binary IndiGo Marketing

Power Surge by Sara Codair [Book Spotlight – Urban Fantasy / YA / Non-Binary]

"Erin just wants some time to work through it all on their own terms, but that’s going to have to wait until after they help save the world." Looking for some YA Demon Hunting with enby rep? This may be for you!