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Top 5 Anime Insert Songs

From a dated OVA to a recent smash hit, these are my top 5 anime insert songs.

Digimon Adventure Tri 1 Taichi Tai Yamato Matt Omegamon

Top 3 … Digimon Songs

Welcome, one and all, to another of my random anime posts. Next month sees the release of the final part of Digimon Adventure Tri. With the original chosen children’s latest adventure coming to a close, I figured that it was about time I revisited the franchise as a whole. Or the anime side at least. … Continue reading Top 3 … Digimon Songs

Revy Black Lagoon

30 Day Anime Challenge: #19 – Most Epic Scene Ever

What time is it? It’s 30 Day Anime Challenge time! We’re now on Day 19, and the subject is … Most Epic Scene Ever! Crikey, this is a hard one. I’ve gone for two scenes here, both of which were not devoid of action, but that I felt were epic more for the emotional impact. … Continue reading 30 Day Anime Challenge: #19 – Most Epic Scene Ever