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The Door and Other Uncanny Tales by Dmetri Kakmi [Book Spotlight – LGBTQ Anthology]

"Living paintings, spectral children, cannibal serial killers, lost souls, haunted houses, and ancient evil proliferate The Door and Other Uncanny Tales."

High Time Keelan Ellis MM Romance Mystery Crime Drama NineStar Press

High Time by Keelan Ellis [Book Spotlight – Crime / Drama /MM]

As Paul and Tim sift through details of the short life of a young woman who died over a quarter of a century ago, what eventually emerges from the web of connections and coincidence is a story that’s both shocking and sadly familiar to the seasoned detectives.

Ash and Cinders IndiGo Marketing NineStar Press Rodd Clark Crime Murder Mystery MM Romance

Ash And Cinders by Rodd Clark [Book Spotlight – Crime / Murder / MM]

"Road blind and far too weary to continue driving, he has no way of knowing he is about to run out of luck."

Book Review: Vatic by K.J. Heritage

Welcome, one and all, to another MDM Projects book review. Today I’m throwing myself headlong into K.J. Heritage’s sci-fi mystery novel, Vatic. By way of disclosure, this was a book that I bought myself. Background: Residing in Brighton in the UK, K.J. Heritage primarily writes action and adventure based sci-fi, mystery, and epic fantasy novels, … Continue reading Book Review: Vatic by K.J. Heritage