The Door and Other Uncanny Tales by Dmetri Kakmi [Book Spotlight – LGBTQ Anthology]

"Living paintings, spectral children, cannibal serial killers, lost souls, haunted houses, and ancient evil proliferate The Door and Other Uncanny Tales."

High Time by Keelan Ellis [Book Spotlight – Crime / Drama /MM]

As Paul and Tim sift through details of the short life of a young woman who died over a quarter of a century ago, what eventually emerges from the web of connections and coincidence is a story that’s both shocking and sadly familiar to the seasoned detectives.

Ash And Cinders by Rodd Clark [Book Spotlight – Crime / Murder / MM]

"Road blind and far too weary to continue driving, he has no way of knowing he is about to run out of luck."

Book Review: Vatic by K.J. Heritage

Welcome, one and all, to another MDM Projects book review. Today I’m throwing myself headlong into K.J. Heritage’s sci-fi mystery novel, Vatic. By way of disclosure, this was a book that I bought myself. Background: Residing in Brighton in the UK, K.J. Heritage primarily writes action and adventure based sci-fi, mystery, and epic fantasy novels, … Continue reading Book Review: Vatic by K.J. Heritage