Gotta Catch Her Kelly Haworth Contemporary FF Romance Lesfic

Gotta Catch Her by Kelly Haworth [Book Spotlight – Contemporary FF Romance]

Who says phone games are only for kids? Sometimes they give just the respite you need from a hectic life.

Ace in the Picture Jude Tresswell

Ace in the Picture by Jude Tresswell [Book Spotlight – LGBTQ Mystery]

An art fraud, a polyamorous suspect, an asexual detective…Polyamory and asexuality meet in this third tale about a north-east England quad.

A World Apart Mel Gough Loving Again MM Romance Contemporary

A World Apart by Mel Gough [Book Spotlight – Contemporary / MM Romance]

Ben has no clue how much a second encounter with the secretive redneck will shake up his life. Donnie’s sullen vulnerability arouses a passion Ben hasn’t felt for a long time. Soon, nothing matters but helping Donnie fight his demons. Can they carve a new life together out of the ashes?

My Fake Canadian Wife M Hollis Contemporary Romance Lesbian Lesfic

My Fake Canadian Wife by M Hollis [Book Spotlight – Contemporary / Lesbian]

As the two girls get to know each other through dates in snowy Toronto, Dora starts to wonder how much of this relationship they are faking and how much is real.

Full Of Festive Spirits Zakkarie Clarke Contemproary MM Romance Holiday Advent Calendar

Full O’ Festive Spirits by Zakarrie Clarke [Book Spotlight – Contemporary Romance / MM Romance]

Full O' Festive Spirits is the new #MMRomance title from @zakarrieclarke. What fun can come from buying an advent calendar? Check out an excerpt here.

The Island Angel alex slorra lesfic lesbian contemporary romance thriller

The Island Angel by Alex Slorra [Book Spotlight -Lesfic / Contemporary Romance / Thriller]

An IT Director on the run. Unquestioning kindness from a stranger. Check out an excerpt from 'The Island Angel', the new #lesfic #contemporaryromance #thriller from @alexslorra here.

Family In A Snowstorm Ava Kelly Little X Elna Holst

Family in a Snowstorm by Ava Kelly [Contemporary MM Romance] & Little X by Elna Holst [Contemporary Lesbian Romance / Non-Binary]

Another double book spotlight! Check out Family in a Snowstorm by @ThunderEternal [Contemporary MM Romance] & Little X by Elna Holst [Contemporary Lesbian Romance / Non-Binary] here!