In The Name Of Magic by Chris Bedell [Book Spotlight – New Adult / Fantasy / Dystopian / MM Romance]

Seventeen-year-old Maximillian’s best friend Katherine is a nonmagical person. In a bid to keep her safe, Maximillian turns to the queen’s estranged younger brother, a man thought to be dead until recently, nineteen year old Prince Stefan. He has been in hiding from his family for years. He has no desire to resurface in the political world, but Maximillian must convince him that the country needs him before it is too late.

Author Interview: Chris Bedell

Welcome, one and all, to another author interview! Today, I'm chatting with Chris Bedell, author of the new YA novel In The Name Of Magic. Chris, for those unfamiliar with you and your work, can you give us am introduction? My name is Chris Bedell, and I’m a MG (Middle Grade)/YA (Young Adult) writer. However, … Continue reading Author Interview: Chris Bedell