Poll: Which Was The Best Console Generation?

We all have our favourite consoles, but which was the best console generation in your opinion? Let me know in my latest poll!

Atari VCS Scandal: A Summary

Welcome, one and all, to a post that I’m actually finding a little sad to write. You see, growing up, my first home console was the Atari 2600. I spent hours on the machine, playing and replaying multiple titles over and over again. Today, I still do play a lot of them when I get … Continue reading Atari VCS Scandal: A Summary

In Desperate Need Of Love: Galaxian (Atari 2600)

Welcome, one and all, to the first In Desperate Need Of Love of the year! For those unfamiliar with this feature, it’s where I feature a video game that I believe has either been overlooked or suffered what I would call unfair criticisms. This time around, I’m going to be looking at one of my … Continue reading In Desperate Need Of Love: Galaxian (Atari 2600)

Blog Post: E3 2017

Welcome, one and all, to my latest gaming ramble. This time around, I’ll be talking about the things that stood out for me at the recent E3. Now, there is one thing to note here: I’m not in the market for a new console unless something amazing comes out. That being the case, if it … Continue reading Blog Post: E3 2017