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Author Interview: CL Raven – Part II

CL Raven are back for part two of the epic interview! This time, we're talking anthologies, writing, ghost hunting and pole fit!

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Impact by Queer Sci-Fi [Cover Reveal – LGBTQIA / Flash Fiction / Anthology]

Queer Sci Fi is releasing its fourth flash fiction anthology: Impact. We have the cover reveal here today! IM * PACT (noun) 1) One object colliding with another 2) An impinging of something upon something else 3) An influence or effect on something or someone 4) The force of a new idea, concept, technology or … Continue reading Impact by Queer Sci-Fi [Cover Reveal – LGBTQIA / Flash Fiction / Anthology]

Werewolves Versus Fashion [Anthology Appearance]

You can now pre-order Werewolves Versus Fashion! Check out the lovely cover below ... If you didn't notice, that's my name in 'featuring' list too. This is the anthology that I have some art in rather than a story, so that's a first for me. You can grab the book under a pay-what-you-want deal, be … Continue reading Werewolves Versus Fashion [Anthology Appearance]

Guest Post: Reinventing Fairy Tales by K.S. Trenten + ‘Fairest’ Excerpt

Welcome, one and all, to another guest post! Today, we're joined by author K.S. Trenten, who will not only be talking about the art of reinventing fairytales, but also providing us with an excerpt of their story 'Fairest', which will be appearing the NineStar Press anthology, Once Upon A Rainbow. Reinventing Fairytales by K.S. Trenten … Continue reading Guest Post: Reinventing Fairy Tales by K.S. Trenten + ‘Fairest’ Excerpt

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QSF: Re.New.Al Flash Fiction Anthology

QSF has a new book out, the latest in our series of flash fiction anthologies: (noun) 1) Resuming an activity after an interruption, or 2) Extending a contract, subscription or license, or 3) Replacing or repairing something that is worn out, run-down, or broken, or 4) Rebirth after death. Four definitions to spark inspiration, … Continue reading QSF: Re.New.Al Flash Fiction Anthology

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ROAR 8: Paradise

Released via MDM Projects Genre: Young Adult / Dark Fantasy / Horror Release Date: 16 April 2017 Currently available on kindle Click below to purchase (opens in new tab): Book two of the Teller Tales series! It’s been two months since Simon Teller first joined the godlike fennec fox known as Xera in a deadly […]

A wild anthology appears – ROAR 8

Welcome, one and all, to another random blog entry. So, in keeping with my bizarrely active posting schedule this month (don’t worry, it’ll cool off slightly in March), it’s time for one of those rambling preambles followed by a totally obvious reveal at the end. Long before I started writing (let alone publishing) my current … Continue reading A wild anthology appears – ROAR 8