Spare Parts by T.J. Land [Book Spotlight – Sci-Fi / Aliens / Robots / Humour]

Ugh, organics are revolting. Damp, inefficient, prone to leaking—everything Meteor despises. The last thing he and his accomplices Gloss and Spike want to do is set foot on a planet infested with billions of the horrible things. But there's no alternative.

Leopold by M.D. Grimm [Book Spotlight – Sci-Fi / Aliens / MM Romance]

Leopold is convinced that Mastrodai wants bloody revenge. But when he finally confronts the mrrog, he is stunned to realize Mastrodai wants something very different. Something surprisingly intimate—the one thing that scares Leopold more than torture.

Way Cool Wednesday: 8 February 2016

Hello, one and all, and welcome to the first Way Cool Wednesday posting of 2017! I know that a lot of people had a pretty torrid time in 2016, so what better way to get the year off to a good start than with some assorted coolness from around the web? WAY COOL VIDEO: BEAUTY … Continue reading Way Cool Wednesday: 8 February 2016

Way Cool Wednesday – 13 April 2016

Hello, hello, hello! So this is unusual, right? I’m posting on a Wednesday rather than a Friday. Well, I wanted to post an additional little piece this week that I’d like to make a more regular fixture on the site. So with that said, what is Way Cool Wednesday? Well, it’s where I channel my … Continue reading Way Cool Wednesday – 13 April 2016