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What Do I Write?

"What Do You Write?" It's a simple question, and one I've been asked several times. So, let's talk about what you can expect from my books and stories:


Ailuros Appearances: Podcasts, Trailers, and Posts!

So, with my new LGBTQ sci-fi/horror novel, AILUROS, out now, I've been busily walking the promo trail! This means there's a bunch of new stuff by me out there! VIDEO APPEARANCES https://youtu.be/C1h2iCdm43g Lorne and Sam hosted me on the horror podcast, Visited by Voices. On top of the book, we also chat about horror as … Continue reading Ailuros Appearances: Podcasts, Trailers, and Posts!

AILUROS sci-fi horror lgbtq genderfluid experimental book


AILUROS is out now! Whoo! I've updated the product page with all the new purchase links. If you want the quick detail though, they're all below.   Ailuros Genre: Ergodic / LGBTQ / Sci-Fi / HorrorRelease Date: 7 September 2021Publisher: Fractured Mirror PublishingLength: 209 pagesContent Warnings: ViolenceKeywords: experimental, horror, alien, VR simulation, ergodic sci-fi, LGBTQ+ #Begin <Ailuros>In the <present//future>, Alex and … Continue reading AILUROS IS OUT NOW!

Going Live at 06:00 EDT!

I'll be doing a live interview on Visited by Voices today! Stop by at 06:00 EDT (or 23:00 here in the UK) at the following link to hear me chatting about horror, and my upcoming book release, AILUROS. And when you're done, check out Lorne, Sam and the team's other videos too. It's a great … Continue reading Going Live at 06:00 EDT!