Chivalry Of A Failed Knight [Anime Review]

Not without flaws, but still an enjoyable watch. Find out my full thoughts on Chivalry of a Failed Knight here.

The First by Glen Kenner [Book Spotlight – Action Thriller]

John finds himself in the fight of his life against elite hit squads, ruthless psychopathic murders, and a black-ops cutting-edge technology that was specifically designed to track people like him

Assassination Classroom 365 Days Time Movie

Assassination Classroom 365 Days’ Time [Anime Review – Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi]

The #AssassinationClassroom recap movie 365 Days' Time is the latest release from @MangaUK. Is it greatest hits compilation, or a collection flops? Find out in my #anime review. #aniblogger #otaku

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia 1 Comic Cover Mat Entin Ed Kuehnel Dan Schkade

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia Issues 1 and 2 [Comic Review – Action / Comedy / Wrestling]

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia (Issues 1 and 2). Good fun, or grappling with itself? Find out here.

Ghost A Family Novella Donte M McNeal Cover

Ghost: A Family Novella by Donte M McNeal [Book Review – Action / Suspense / Drama]

It was always Nick, Leone and Serenity, the Dynamic Duo plus one. No one could separate them, not even the gang-ridden streets of Gaylene. But, one tragic night changes Nicholas in a way no one ever thought possible. This is his story. The story of the birth of Ghost.

In Depserate Need Of Love: Shinobi

Hello, one and all, and welcome to another In Desperate Need of Love, the posting that showers praise on the overlooked gems of the video game world. This time around, we’re entering the world of the ninja, and heading back to 1988 for a journey through the Sega Master System classic, Shinobi. So, when you … Continue reading In Depserate Need Of Love: Shinobi