Sonic’s Movie Design Leaks!

Sonic’s Movie Design Leaks!

March 5, 2019 24 By mattdoylemedia

Okay, so there’s a Sonic talk coming to SXSW on March 16th. Like many people, I’m expecting there to be plenty of being covered things. Maybe even a new game announcement? Most of all though, a reveal of Sonic’s physical appearance in the upcoming movie seemed like an obvious thing to cover. Well, as per Polygon’s post, it looks like Hamagami/Carroll Inc. may have leaked just that already! So, what does he look like? Well, here he is:

Sonic Movie Carroll Inc Hamagami

Now, the pictures got taken down pretty quickly, so it was obviously not meant to go up just yet. Well, unless it was an intentional leak to gain some momentum for the movie and maybe a full trailer at the aforementioned talk, of course. Personally, I’m still reserving full judgement on the likelihood of the film being good until I see an actual trailer. I do have some thoughts on the design though.

In short, I like it. He’s not the slender hedgehog of the modern games, or the shorter ball of spikes of the older games. He’s not Sonic Boom, Sonic SATAM, AOSTH, or Sonic X. He’s clearly designed to be his own thing, while still retaining enough of the expected visual style to be recognizable.

There are some really nice touches there too. For one, the spikes don’t look like fur. They look like spines that happen to match the fur colour covering most of the rest of his body. That should placate the people worried about him having no real spines at all despite the aim of adding some realism. His build makes sense too; it’s toned, and with a shoulder shape that will make sure he fits alongside the real actors without looking too cartoony in comparison. The eyes are well done too, melding the largeness and cuteness of the Sonic we all know with a slight reduction in size to that they don’t take up most of the head. The ridges around them will make it easy to convey emotion too, even if their thickness makes him resemble the Werehog of Unleashed a little in terms of brow shape.

Yes, the shoes are different. But again, they wanted him to fit I the real world, so switching to colour themed trainers makes sense. It looks like they’ve gone with using white fur on his hands instead of gloves. That was unexpected, and it is a little unusual to look at it, but I’m not bothered by that. If anything, it’ll probably end up looking quite cute, like when cats have different colour paws.

So, that’s what I think. But what about yourselves? Is this what you expected? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments below.

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