I am currently open to accepting review copies of various products. The details are as follows:



I have worked with multiple creators ranging from authors and indie game developers to larger companies such as the anime licensing/distribution companies Manga Entertainment and MVM Entertainment. I accept review copies of various forms of media and am happy to discuss when you would want the items reviewed by. If I can accommodate the timings, then you simply send me a copy of the media and I will get to work.


Terms and Conditions

If requested, I am happy to provide details in relation to the site’s statistics, both in general terms and in relation to specific posts. Please note however that I do not offer a guarantee in terms of traffic to any specific post. As such, agreeing to a review does not constitute an agreement that a specific amount of traffic will be obtained.

With the exception of contact details for any future review requests, I do not store data relating to such services, but the public post will state that a review copy was given. Please note that, while I focus on the positives in reviews, I will provide an honest opinion and as such, I cannot guarantee that reviews will be entirely positive.

I am open to reviewing almost any type of service or product. However, I will not accept an item if the product, service, or the company/person involved is known to spread hate and/or promote the discrimination of people due to protected characteristics. If you agree to a review and it becomes apparent that this is the case, then I will first contact you to ascertain the circumstances around the events in question. If no resolution that I deem suitable can be found, then this will constitute a violation of terms. I will then terminate the post.


How to contact me

If you wish to discuss advertising on or sponsoring this website, please use the contact me page to send a message.