Guest and Promotional Posts

I am currently open to accepting guest posts and promotional posts. The options available are as follows:

Guest Posts and Promo Posts

I am happy to accept guest posts, advertorial posts, and promo posts for the site, whether these be with the aim to promote a specific product or service, or simply as a way to increase your general visibility online. The posts may contain as many links and images as you wish. In terms of cost, the price varies depending on the nature of what you require.

If you wish to supply the post yourself, I charge a flat fee of £20. If you wish me to write a post for you, then the cost will be £40. If you wish to specify the date that the post goes live, then the cost increases by £10. Whichever option you choose, I will also be happy to tag any relevant accounts that you wish during the standard promotional posts I make on social media.

Please note, prices are negotiable. So, if this does not fit within your budget, I would be happy to discuss this with you with a view to finding a suitable way forward.

Terms and Conditions

If requested, I am happy to provide details in relation to the site’s statistics, both in general terms and in relation to specific posts. Please note however that I do not offer a guarantee in terms of clickthrough rate. As such, purchasing an ad or sponsorship space does not constitute an agreement that a specific amount of traffic will be obtained through the purchase. This being the case, no money-back guarantee is available for an ad, guest post, promo post, or sponsorship underperforming.

If you wish me to write the promotional post for you, the final piece will be sent to you for approval before the post goes live. In this way, I can be sure that you are happy with the content that will display on the site.

I am open to guest and promotional posts in relation to almost any type of service or product. However, I will not accept either if the product, service, or the company/person involved is known to spread hate and/or promote the discrimination of people due to protected characteristics. I will also not allow links to sites that contain malicious or harmful content such as viruses. Finally, I cannot accept links to purely adult content.

Please note, All posts of this nature must come with a name the post can be attributed to, which will appear at the top of the post in the format ‘POST TITLE by AUTHOR.’

If you purchase an ad or sponsorship space and it becomes apparent that you or a directly affiliated party have linked your ad/post to content that breaks my terms, then I will first contact you to ascertain the circumstances around the events in question. If no resolution that I deem suitable can be found, then this will constitute a violation of terms. I will then terminate the ad or sponsorship, and no refund will be offered. The same will apply if it becomes apparent that you or a directly affiliated party are spreading content or messages that do not fit with the general morals of this site.

How to contact me

If you wish to discuss my hosting a guest post or promotional post, please use the contact me page to send a message.