I currently offer a number of options in terms of promotion and working with other creators. The cost of these services range from $0 to $50 depending on what is requested. I will summarise each option below, along with details of prices and what data I store as a result of this.



I have worked with multiple creators ranging from authors and indie game developers to larger companies such as the anime licensing/distribution companies Manga Entertainment and MVM Entertainment. I accept review copies of various forms of media and am happy to discuss when you would want the items reviewed by. If I can accommodate the timings, then you simply send me a copy of the media and I will get to work. With the exception of contact details for any future review requests, I do not store data relating to such services, but the public post will state that a review copy was given. Please note that, while I focus on the positives in reviews, I will provide an honest opinion and as such I cannot guarantee that reviews will be entirely positive.


Guest Slots

I have interviewed multiple authors and have also hosted numerous guest posts from various sources, ranging from authors to online companies. I am open to interviewing creators from all forms of media. I will require details of what you want the interview to focus on and will store a list of relevant links during the interview process. Once the interview is live, this information will be deleted. I am also open to accepting guest posts on any subject, providing they fit aesthetically with the website. In this case, I will store a copy of the guest article until the post is live. For these two options, I ask only that you share the relevant post across your social media profiles.

I am also open to working on other types of collaborations with creators. Whether this be joint reviews or discussion pieces, if you have an idea that would fit with the site, I am happy to discuss this.


Promotional Services

I am currently open to three types of promotional post.

I currently accept commissioned posts. In these cases, I am willing to write an article promoting your item or service, whether it be something directly relating the product or a post covering a related topic with a link included. The only data stored here are contact details and relevant links to research the article. These details will be deleted once the post is live, and I am happy to allow the person commissioning the post to approve it before it goes live. Costs will vary depending on what you want written and can range from $20 to $50. This can be discussed at the time of query.

I am open to accepting sponsored posts. In this case, a specific post will feature a clickable banner or written advertisement that will remain in the post permanently. Contact details will be retained in case of the need for further contact regarding the sponsorship. The cost for this type of promotion is $30.

The sidebar of the website also features monthly advertising banners. The standard size is 335px x 335px, but this can be altered providing the width does not exceed 335px. In terms of data retention, contact details and relevant link data will be stored from the date that the banner is arranged to the end of the banner’s paid for cycle. The cost for this type of promotion is $10 per month.


If you would be interested in discussing any of the above items, please click onto the Contact page to message me.


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