ROAR 9: Resist

October 23, 2019 0 By mattdoylemedia

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ROAR 9: Resist – Features my contemporary furry story Dear Sis, the tale of a genderfluid fox writing a letter to their sister.


Inside you will meet a whole host of characters resisting the injustice and inequality in their worlds, each in their own personal way. Because sometimes resistance looks like a raccoon starting an underground railroad, and sometimes it looks like a dhole in a rock band spreading the music of his homeland. These are stories of resistance, but they’re also stories to give you a break from the real world. Let yourself rest while the raccoon lawyers and magical kittens do the fighting for a change, and then you can come back recharged.This powerful collection features 15 stories from both writers new to the furry writing scene and familiar names like Watts Martin, Ryan Campbell, KC Alpinus, and Amy Fontaine!RESIST. Join the RESISTANCE.Contents:
Saguaros by Watts Martin
Ghosts by Searska GreyRaven
Froggy Stews by A. Humphrey Lanham
Post-Isolation by Ellis Aen
Resistance by David M Sula
The Hard Way by Val E Ford
Coyote Magic by Ryan Campbell
The Last Roundup by Amy Fontaine
Safe Mode by John Giezentanner
Laotian Rhapsody by Al Song
Qibla by Bill Kieffer
Dear Sis by Matt Doyle
Every Last Paw by Blake Hutchins
Mixed Blessings by Kittara Foxworthy
No Dogs by KC Alpinus
Cover art by Kadath, Edited by Mary E. Lowd


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