New Affiliates: World of Tanks and RoboForm

New Affiliates: World of Tanks and RoboForm

July 26, 2019 0 By mattdoylemedia

Today, I’m welcoming two new affiliates to the site. One is an online game, and the other is a password storage solution:

Initially released in 2010, World of Tanks is a free to play MMO game featuring mid-20th-century era combat vehicles. Built by the Belarusian company Wargaming, the game has seen a mass of players taking part in the PvP action. If you’re into combat games, give it a look-in.

RoboForm is the password storage solution that’s perfect for both business and personal users. Featuring not only a one-click solution to logging in to your favourite sites but a password generator and multi-platform support, it’s a great tool if you struggle remembering your passwords. Prices vary, but there’s a free option available!


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