March 9th-13th, 2020 Round-Up

March 9th-13th, 2020 Round-Up

March 16, 2020 1 By mattdoylemedia

Welcome, one and all, to the new weekly round-up! We’ve got plenty to go through, so let’s dive right into it.

Looking Back

We’re going to start with the run-down of posts that went live last week, split by category and sorted alphabetically:



Beastars Episode 10 [Anime Review]

Murenase! Seton Gakuen Episode 10 [Anime Review]


Jeopardy In Tights by K. Childs [Book Spotlight – MM Superhero]

What He Really Needs by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood [Cover Reveal]


The Good, The Bad, and The Birthday

Mystery Blogger Award

Sonic Fan Theory: Blaze The Cat’s Timeline & The Birth Of Eggman NEGA

My Projects

March 2nd-6th, 2020 Round-Up

The Fear Ritual


Meanwhile, these are the top 5 most viewed older posts for the week:

5th: Dogman: fact or fiction? – Mistaken identity, or undiscovered upright walking canid cryptid? This is my theory.

4th: Top 3 Scary Things To Come Out Of The Sonic Franchise – Death, possession and murderous tendencies ahoy!

3rd: Seven Mortal Sins [Anime Review – Ecchi/Fantasy] – Wasted premise or fan service heaven? It depends on your taste, really.

2nd: Murenase! Seton Gakuen Episode 9 [Anime Review] – New friends and the debut of a new antagonist.

1st: The Helpful Fox Senko-San Episode 9 – Great music, cute tail swishes and just plain fun!


What Can You Expect This Week?

As always, this is subject to change, but there’s a good mix of content coming this week.

MON: From The Dark We Came (Book Spotlight)

TUE: Gem-Mi (Book Spotlight) Seton Academy Episode 11 (Anime Review)

WED: The Rpince’s Consort (Book Spotlight), Beastars Episode 11 (Anime Review)

THU: Imperial Twist (Book Spotlight)

FRI: RNA Spotlight


And…that’s about it! So, thank you all for sticking with me. Do you have a particular post you’re looking forward to this week? Or a favorite from last week? Let me know in the comments below.

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