Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san Episode 3 [Anime Review]

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san Episode 3 [Anime Review]

April 29, 2020 0 By mattdoylemedia

Welcome, one all, to my continuing episodic review series for Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san. The yuri series changed tact a little with this episode, giving us one longer skit rather than several short ones. Let’s see what happened.

A Lovely Cuppa

On the way to school, Aki noticed that Inugmai was pretty cheerful. It didn’t take much prodding to find out why: she had a nefarious plan. One, she would wait until lunch time. Two, she would switch Nekoyama’s tea with her special catnip tea. Three, Nekoyama would get drunk and become super affectionate.

In school, Nekoyama also noticed how happy Inugami appeared to be. She also noticed that something was happening with Inugami and Aki. Now, she thought it was secret flirting, but in actuality, they were having a below-the-table kick-fight as Aki was attempting the thwart the plan.

Seeing an opening, Inugmai thrust out the drunk and Aki acted, using her bamboo sword to swipe the bottle, but it ended up emptying all over Nekoyama. And so, Inugmai’s plan…worked!Assuming it was alcohol, Nekoyama kicks back and starts bossing Inugami around, demanding she lick up every drop that she spilled on her. Of course, Inugami is happy to do so. One quick kiss to the forehead then sends Inugami into explosive nosebleed territory and the two girls pass out in each other’s arms.

That was surprisingly good. I mean, the whole premise is problematic as it’s essentially based around taking advantage of a drunk person. Yet the episode did a good job of playing it in a ridiculous enough manner to make it fun rather than dodgy. The execution was snappy, the results were overblown and silly, and it made fun of the nosebleed trope. So, good job.

Line of the episode has to go to Aki though. When Inugami starts diligently licking the spilled tea from Nekoyama’s body, she declares, “You‘re going to change our air time!” That made me chuckle, as it was a bit of self-awareness that popped up at random.

Visually Surprising

While the VAs absolutely continued on fine form, it was the visuals that stood out this episode. In particular in terms of facial expression. Inugami, it turns out, has a wide variety of evil face. Meanwhile, Nekoyama took on a whole different feel when drunk on catnip, and Aki’s shocked looks were great. Good work.


Excellent fun, even with a potential trip hazard in the storyline. The animal humour was there, the facials were great, and the show continues to do well without overstaying its welcome. But what about yourselves? Have you seen this show? What did you make of this episode? Let me know below!


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