Interviews – AKA I’ve Been Rambling On On Other People’s Sites

Interviews – AKA I’ve Been Rambling On On Other People’s Sites

September 7, 2017 1 By mattdoylemedia

So, I’ve been on the promotion trail of late. That’s the thing with publishing books: even when your publisher sets up advertising for you, it still pays to get out there as much as possible. Doing interviews is one of my favourite things because it gives me an opportunity to go into detail about different aspects of what i’m up to. My latest ones are here:

  • Rebbeca Langham over at ceLEStial books was kind enough to invite me on board to speak about a number of things. We cover high school book loves, hot beverages, sci-fi, and what it’s been like working with NineStar Press on Addict.
  • Rebecca Howie Books gave me the opportunity to talk abour different aspects of Addict and the writing process in general.
  • Author E.M. Hamill recently gave me a platform to discuss various points in my writing. We discus the technological concepts in Addict, including how the furry fandom influenced Tech Shfiting, Cassie Tam as a character, and how my love of gaming ties in with my work on both Addict and The Spark Form Chronicles.
  • MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape then allowed me to speak in depth about Addict and what i’m up to next!

So, that’s been my recent mini-invasion of the internet. Please do check out the sites!

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