Guest Post: 10 Underrated TV Shows by Kate Thora

Guest Post: 10 Underrated TV Shows by Kate Thora

April 6, 2018 0 By mattdoylemedia

Welcome, one and all, to our first guest post of the year. I was contacted by Kate Thora from with the offer to write a post for the site, and I was more than happy to give her a spot. so, over to you Kate!

10 Underrated TV Shows You Have To Watch in 2018

by Kate Thora

While Netflix may be the new normal, and we’re all streaming to our hearts’ content, there are plenty of opportunities to miss something really fantastic. If you only watch the most hyped shows of the year, you will definitely be missing out. These 10 shows may be underrated – but only because not enough people have heard of them yet. Get watching them now – you’ll thank us later.
1. Imposters
This Bravo show is funny and unpredictable from the get-go. A con woman has been marrying people and then taking all of their money, and then moving on to the next victim. When three of her former spouses team up – one of them being a woman – it all comes crashing down. Uma Thurman is also in this, and she’s amazing.
2. Underground
Not only is Underground thoroughly gripping from the start, it’s also historically important. It tells the story of the Underground Railroad, where slaves were able to escape from plantations – with a 600-mile journey to complete. It’s an intense ride that will have you on the edge of your seat.
3. Preacher
Based on a graphic novel series of the same name, Preacher follows the story of a, well, preacher who gains the ability to make people do his every command. The only problem is that his commands can often be taken pretty literally. Not good. He sets off on a holy quest, with fun hijinks and drama along the way.
4. Lady Dynamite
Based loosely on Maria Bamford’s real life story, this series is heartbreakingly witty. It’s also pretty trippy, and you will fall in love with Bamford if you aren’t already. You can’t get enough of her, and you’re rooting for her all the way – even when the odds start stacking up.
5. The Leftovers
This series is a compact, three-season run, and it’s almost about to end – so you can binge it at your leisure. The premise is that 2% of the world’s population suddenly vanished, and no one knows why or how. Rather than try to explain it, the show instead focuses on those left behind.
6. Crazyhead
If you love Buffy and/or Misfits, which surely has to be a significant majority of the world’s population, then you will love this. It’s like the two shows got meshed together in a glorious yet dangerous fusion. The two female leads gain the ability to see demons hiding in society, and chaos ensues – with plenty of hilarity along the way.
7. Travelers
What if you could travel back in time – and occupy the body of someone from the past? What if you could prevent that person’s death by doing this, and prevent an atrocity from happening? What if you took on this mission, expecting instructions to guide you along the way… and then the instructions stopped?
8. The Exorcist
Did you even know that The Exorcist had been made into a TV show? It’s a pretty good one, too, and not receiving a lot of press for it. It may bear the shadow of the original film, but it also stands alone pretty well.
NOTE FROM MATT: I can certainly vouch for this one! Both seasons of The Exorcist TV series have been great so far, and class as compulsive viewing in my house.
9. Channel Zero
If you like American Horror Story, you should be watching this. Based on creepypasta legends, each season stands apart. The anthology series format works very well here, and it’s creepy as all get out.
10. This Country
Lampooning country life in a way that actual residents will most likely cringe at, this is a hilarious series with one foot firmly planted in reality.
Try each of the shows on this list – they deserve it! We guarantee you’ll be hooked on most of them.

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