Digimon Adventure Tri Part 6: Our Future [Anime Review – Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi]

Digimon Adventure Tri Part 6: Our Future [Anime Review – Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi]

December 7, 2018 1 By mattdoylemedia

NOTE: Review copy supplied by Manga Entertainment

Digimon Adventure Tri 6 Our Future BluRay DVD Cover

Digimon Adventure Tri 6: Our Future

Title: Digimon Adventure Tri The Movie Part 6: Our Future
Anime Studio: Toei Animation
Publisher: Manga Entertainment
Genre: Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Released: December 3rd 2018
Classification: 12
Language: English / Japanese
Length: 98 Minutes
Discs: 1

FUTURE Digimon Adventure Tri The Movie – Part 6 Collectors Edition Includes: Double Walled Slipcase, BD Case with Reversible Sleeve, 1 x BD disc, Poster and set of Art Cards. The end of the world has begun. The rampaging Meicoomon, now fused with Gatomon, has changed into the powerful Ordinemon. As foretold by King Drasil, the Digital World engulfs the Real World. Confronted by impending doom, the DigiDestined resolve to face it head on. Homeostasis, in order to deal with the uncontrollable Ordinemon, executes the final plan for the Real World. To prevent the coming destruction, the DigiDestined and their partner Digimon continue their frantic fight. The time to make the final decision has arrived.

If you can say one thing for the Digimon Tri movies it’s that they’ve remained consistent in their ability to provide stunningly animated battle sequences. This remains true here, with the action scenes standing head and shoulders above everything in the first two seasons of the show. This was clearly a focus for the team behind the production, and their work shows. At the same time, we do get to see a little more progression on some of the more interesting plot points of the series, especially as it pertains to one particular chosen child. The Meiko/Meicoomon arc is brought to a definite conclusion too.

The problem is that the films have also been consistently inconsistent with answering certain other questions, and that too remains firmly in place here. There were a lot of mysteries set up throughout the previous five films, such as where the season two children were, Gennai’s motives, the return of the dark ocean, and the fate of Maki Himekawa. Do we get answers to these? Unfortunately, bar a brief appearance of the Zero Two kids, nothing is really resolved. The film even ends on a cliff-hanger that does little more than set up hypothetical scenarios that rely on another season or set of films being produced to answer.

That being said, what the film does go out of its way to do, it does well. The conclusion of the Meicoomon arc is absolutely heart breaking. The dynamic between Gabumon and Yamato is really good here too, and is at times absolutely adorable. There are even some little nods to the first two seasons to act as fan service for long term fans.

And therein is the crux of why this is such a divisive film. For every great moment, there are more questions left on the table. By the end of the fifth film, there was a lot of ground to cover. It gave the impression that we would get answers, albeit in a rushed manner, but Our Future does little to give us these. The pacing is a hit and miss, and the storytelling is unbalanced. Despite this, the films have created some scenes that really shine and do provide some nostalgic entertainment with a modernised gleam. As such, while a step below the best of the run, it does seem fair to give Our Future a solid 3 out of 5.

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