Red Sun By M.D. Grimm [Book Spotlight]

"Gregor enjoys the thrill of the hunt, determined to collect the unique blood that is crucial to Arcas’s great plan...Raphael’s blood."

#BadMoonRising Ailuros by Matt Doyle #horror #LGBTQ #scifi

If you’ve been a regular at BMR over the years, you’re probably familiar with today’s author. Their featured book is classified as ergodic (a new word for me!), and the format is explained below. Oh – and they might have lived with a ghost cat in a previous house. No biggie. Welcome Matt Doyle! Would … Continue reading #BadMoonRising Ailuros by Matt Doyle #horror #LGBTQ #scifi

#BadMoonRising Half Light (Cassie Tam Files #5) by Matt Doyle #scifi #LGBT

Check out this interview with me over on Teri's site! We're talking about the time I was locked in a coffin, how a seance got me in trouble in school, and a bunch of other fun stuff 🙂 I’ve been a fan of this author’s Cassie Tam series from book one and have today’s featured … Continue reading #BadMoonRising Half Light (Cassie Tam Files #5) by Matt Doyle #scifi #LGBT