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Top 5 Songs In 80s Movies

"The 80s is one of my favourite eras for movies. It's also one of my favourite eras for movie soundtracks."

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Callback [Crowdfunding Spotlight]

"Struggling actress Sonia spends the majority of her time going from audition to audition often going for the same role as her on off successful friend Jessica. But after Jessica gets yet another role that Sonia auditioned for she finally snaps."

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The Fandom [Documentary Review]

The Fandom Genre: Documentary Length: 1 hour 28 minutes THE FANDOM dives headfirst in the imaginative world of “FURRIES,” the often-misunderstood internet subculture of fans of the anthropomorphic arts. Using a bountiful collection of archival tapes and images, this documentary traces the evolution of the furry fandom from its roots in the 1970s to the … Continue reading The Fandom [Documentary Review]

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Senseless [Crowdfunding Spotlight]

When Jason storms out on his wife, Diane, one summer's night, he seeks refuge in a nearby forest. Little does he know the forest is plagued with lost souls manifesting in his darkest desires and innermost fears. Lost and tormented in the forest, will Jason find his way home?