OWLS Blog Tour: Cosplay

At OWLS this month, we're talking about happiness. So, I'm talking about cosplay.

Cosplay: Tangle the Lemur [Sonic the Hedgehog – IDW] – Medway Comic and Screen Festival 2018

Welcome, one and all, to my latest cosplay posting! This time around, I had a bit of a challenge on my hands. You see, I decided to attend Medway Comic and Screen Festival 2018 pretty late on, leaving me with only three weeks to complete a new costume. So, what did I do? I went … Continue reading Cosplay: Tangle the Lemur [Sonic the Hedgehog – IDW] – Medway Comic and Screen Festival 2018

Cosplay: Alopex [IDW TMNT] – Fail 2015

Sometimes, my cosplays go horribly wrong. What follows is one such piece, and my word I was disappointed that disaster struck. You see, I was planning on possibly attending one of the London Super Comic Cons, and Kevin Eastman happened to be there. Those who have been paying attention may be aware that I love … Continue reading Cosplay: Alopex [IDW TMNT] – Fail 2015

Cosplay: The Early Works – 2011 to 2013

Having found some older shots lurking around on my laptop, I thought that now would be a good time to show some shots of my earlier cosplay attempts. They are ... a mixed bag. So, let's begin. 2011: Medusa (Soul Eater) - London MCM Expo No 'making of' photos, and I think these are the … Continue reading Cosplay: The Early Works – 2011 to 2013

Cosplay: Inukai [Flying Witch]

So, Hyper Japan came along, and everything went really well. Unfortunately, I derped my new phone and lost most of my photos -_- Basic thing though is that I modified a Harry Potter Hufflepuff robe for Inukai's robe, and had some trousers, a top and boots that matched the style. Below are the two photos … Continue reading Cosplay: Inukai [Flying Witch]

Cosplay: Foxy [FNAF] – Mask Commission 2016

OK, so commission is perhaps the wrong word here. This IS a piece that I was asked to make for someone else, but it ISN'T something that I charged for. The reason being, this was for one of my kids. I don't have too many 'making of' shots, and I don't seem to have any … Continue reading Cosplay: Foxy [FNAF] – Mask Commission 2016

Cosplay: Rouge the Bat [Sonic Heroes] – Hyper Japan July ’16

Here be a brief set of making-of photos from my upcoming 'Rouge the Bat' crossplay. Then I broke some of the costume and had to rethink. The result is below. The pic on the far right is by Donald Manning.  

Cosplay: Celty [Durarara!] – London Expo May ’15

Following the success of my Renamon cosplay, I had intended to dive into the world of Sonic the Hedgehog for London MCM Expo in May 2015. I had a crack at Shade the Echidna from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood ... but I botched the entire thing, thanks entirely to struggling with the head. So … Continue reading Cosplay: Celty [Durarara!] – London Expo May ’15

Cosplay: Renamon [Digimon Tamers] – London Expo May ’14

So ... I love Digimon. While there isn't really a series that I don't enjoy at all, nothing thus far has compared to Digimon Tamers for me in terms of quality, and Renamon has long been a favourite of mine in the franchise. When I decided that I was going to try making a fursuit … Continue reading Cosplay: Renamon [Digimon Tamers] – London Expo May ’14