Blog Post: What Happened?

Blog Post: What Happened?

February 19, 2016 0 By mattdoylemedia

So here we are, a whole week late for a posting! Now, it’s probably not a great sign that I’ve managed to miss a week so early into my posting … actually, it was exactly seven months ago yesterday that I made my FIRST POSTING! That seems insane to me! Anyway, my point is, I goofed. I didn’t have a post set and ready to go, and I currently don’t have any pre-written for the next few weeks, so I’m gonna have to work hard to get back on track. The question is, why did this happen? Well, a lot has been going on.

First up, some general life stuff is currently steamrolling its way through my world. Impending day job changes and the upheaval that that entails, retraining for a new career as a Teaching Assistant, and just the general fun stuff that comes with being a parent of three kids and multiple animals. Well, one less animal now. We sadly lost our rat (whose name is a mystery because our youngest changed it on a regular basis) recently. The cat, dog, rabbit and snake are all healthy however, so we have had plenty of fuzzy hugs (and glares of a murderous nature in the case of the occasionally grumpy snake).

Outside this, I’ve been working hard on a number of writing projects. So how are they going? Let’s take a look.

WICK [The Spark Form Chronicles Book 1] continues to sell steadily and has been well received by all those who have left ratings and reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. That is not to say that I haven’t been working on it though. This week, I released the second edition of the book, correcting a bunch of grammatical errors that had snuck through in the original publication. The book was also submitted to a major publishing house in the UK. The result of this was a lot of praise, but in the end a rejection because the book was too YA for their list. I take this as a major positive.

CARNIVAL [The Spark Form Chronicles Book 2] is done and ready in terms of writing. I need to format it and upload it to Amazon, but that will be done by March. This book actually rounds off the duology and ties up the loose ends. I’ll be looking to put an ARC list together too, so if you review books and would be interested in a free e-copy, please do let me know.

Simon Teller is the protagonist of my new children’s fantasy/horror series. The aim with this one is to build a bridge between elements of Skulduggery Pleasant (Derek Landy), The Demonata (Darren Shan) and Harry Potter (J K Rowling). The series is planned to run for six books. As it stands, I’m in the process of sending the first book to Agents and am currently writing the second book. Fingers crossed, eh?

Outside of writing, I’m working on a number of Cosplays. Where we have decided to skip London MCM Expo in favour of Hyper Japan this year, I have a choice of reviving Renamon [Digimon Tamers] or working on something new. As it is, I’m working on a Rouge the Bat [Sonic the Hedgehog] cosplay. I’ve also almost completed a Foxy [FNAF] cosplay. We shall see how it goes.

Oh, and I’ve been junking out on the fabulous Legend of Korra. I’m sure a review or two will be coming for that.

So that’s about it for now. Here’s to getting back on track, getting some books sold, crossplaying and generally having an awesome year 🙂

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