Book Title: Gamer’s Choice

Gamer’s Choice by Valerie Ullmer [Book Spotlight – MM Romance]

"Love wasn’t in the cards for me...."

We Cry the Sea Banner

We Cry The Sea by Glenn Quigley [Book Spotlight – LGBTQ Historical Fantasy]

"Pushed to his limits, Robin’s one last chance at finding the truth will cost him more than he ever imagined."

BANNER - Blood Moon

Blood Moon by Catherine Lundoff [Book Spotlight – Lesfic Paranormal Fantasy]

"Can the Pack solve the mystery and clear Erin’s name before the next full moon? Or do the town’s new residents have other plans?"

Altered Tides Banner

Altered Tides by Harry F Rey [Book Spotlight – MM Sci-Fi]

"Prince Malar, will do anything to avoid staying behind, but even he gets much more than he bargained for when the world as he knows it is swept away on altered tides."