Dire Warning by Mary Rundle [Audiobook Spotlight – MM Paranormal Romance]

"Jackson and Steel must figure out how to make their relationship work while dealing with external forces determined to kill them and the rest of the Blackwood pack."

Dragon Deception Banner

Dragon Deception by Mell Eight [Book Spotlight – MM Paranormal]

"Hell turns out to be someone using Quicksilver’s name to destroy buildings, but there’s no way to tell whether the enemy is an impostor or a trap. Hopefully it won’t mean missing the picnic."

crowdfunding spotlight senseless uk horror

Senseless [Crowdfunding Spotlight]

When Jason storms out on his wife, Diane, one summer's night, he seeks refuge in a nearby forest. Little does he know the forest is plagued with lost souls manifesting in his darkest desires and innermost fears. Lost and tormented in the forest, will Jason find his way home?